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About AJT

 If you are on this page you probably already know a bit about me but just in case you are new or need a refresher:


I'm an Entrepreneur who develops culture impacting and legacy leaving businesses and brands, as well as a creative who tells socially conscious and relevant stories through my acting and filmmaking.

In terms of business, I got my start on Upwork in 2013 when I started hiring freelancers for a variety of different companies and then I transitioned into freelancing on the platform shortly thereafter. I grew quickly on the platform, hence why I am in the top 3% of Upwork Freelancers. 

I no longer actively freelance on Upwork as I have been very fortunate enough to go from being a freelancer to being the CEO of my own companies. After more than 7 years in the making, my first company, CEO Creatives ™️ an industry-leading business and branding center for entrepreneurs and creatives will be officially launching soon!

Our Live Upwork Session

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Get answers to all of your questions. I will be able to answer your questions from a freelancer and client perspective.

Profile Audits

Profiles are 90% of the reason a client will hire you. Submit your Upwork profile link and receive constructive criticism that helps you get more clients.

Cover Letter Reviews

Cover letters can make or break your chances of getting a job. Submit a cover letter you sent and let's take a deep dive to see whether your letter is helping or hurting your chances of landing that big job.

Mock Interviews

I've hired close to 100 freelancers throughout my career and I can tell who gets the job within 30 seconds of the interview. If you are brave enough, we will do a live one on one mock interview.  You'll get feedback from myself and the audience. 

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Reviews From Other Upwork Freelancers


Such useful advice, I Love your videos!

Ángela J.


Why Am I Doing This?

First things first, these sessions are not sponsored by Upwork or any of its subsidiaries. My businesses and I have no affiliation with Upwork.


So why do I these Upwork videos and live sessions? Honestly, because I care. It's as simple as that.  I know how impactful mentorship can be and I also know how hard it is to find a mentor who has been in the same spot as you have. I want you to accomplish your upwork goals because I care about you and your success in life and If I can help guide you along the way, I will.

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